I’m fascinated by social media campaigns that use the power of the people to raise money for a non-profit. I was particularly impressed with the ReMind campaign described in AdWeek. I’m curious about the research behind a successful social media campaign. I’d love to work with a non-profit and have my research students conduct the necessary research for such a campaign and then participate in raising money in the process.

Here’s one article I found with some good ideas.

PR Research classes generally teach the standard survey and focus group methods. I’m exploring new methods or new twists on old methods–all with an emphasis on social media. Any ideas would be appreciated. I’ve added an ethnography project that involves taking and posting photos or videos, a social media monitoring project, a focus group blog project, and an interview via Skype project.

I’m teaching research methods this summer and writing (or trying to write) a paper about incorporating social media into a research methods class. Any literature about social media assignments would be helpful as well.

Ideas from other professors are here (I’m looking for more links to add):

Assorted ideas from Kaye Sweetser

Social media press release from Tom Kelleher

Issue tracking with Twitter from Tom Kelleher

The tab at the top of the page called “Research Assignments” is where you can go to access the project descriptions.

Check out student blogs listed in the blogroll (Becky’s is a good example–go to the tab for PR Research Reports) to see what the final projects looked like.

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